Tenth Generation

528. Robert RUTHERFORD Jr.429 was born in 1663 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA.430 He died on 15 March 1725 at the age of 62 in Essex Co., VA.430 Robert Rutherford, Jr., served as a witness for his father in the August term of court in 1724 in Essex County, Virginia. The court order specified that Robert Rutherford pay Robert Rutherford, Jr., for serving two days as a witness.
Robert Rutherford, Jr., died intestate in Essex County, Virginia, March 15, 1725, his son John Rutherford, Jr. relinquished his right to the administration of the estate and a certificate was granted to John Rutherford, his uncle, with John Vawter and Thomas Thorpe as his securities, gave bond for the just and faithful administration of the estate. The inventory was dated April 18, 1726 and the appraisement of the estate was returned June 21, 1726 by John Rutherford, administrator.
Margaret VAWTER and Robert RUTHERFORD Jr. were married in 1687 in Essex Co., VA.

529. Margaret VAWTER was born in 1672 in England (?).430

Children were:


Margaret RUTHERFORD was born in 1688 in Essex Co., VA.382





Capt. Thomas Hugh RUTHERFORD was born in 1695 in Essex Co., VA.431 He died in 1768 at the age of 73 in Frederick Co., VA.382 See page 182 of Rutherford book. Thomas was appointed high sheriff of Frederick County, VA 27 Aug 1743, served 2 years. In 1745 he resigned as sheriff and assumed the duties of attorney for the county. He was a vestryman in the Episcopal Church in Winchester, Va, in 1764. Capt. Thomas was a neighbor of the Washington families and he sold George Washington the land known as "Dutch George's". This tract of land was surveyed by George Washington 24 Nov 1750 and contained 453 acres adjoining the plantation of Lawrence Washington. See "a Biography of George Washington, vol.1, 1948, p.243.


Joseph RUTHERFORD Sr. was born in 1700 in Essex Co., VA. He signed a will on 7 June 1787 in Rockingham Co., VA. Joseph Rutherford died testate. He devised his estate to his wife Mary, and to his living sons Elliot, Joseph, Reuben, Robert and Archiblad. He appointed Elliot Rutherford as his sole executor. He died in 1788 at the age of 88 in Rockingham Co., VA.382 Will proven for name at place on date. Joseph Rutherford was a resident of Essex County, Virginia in the 1720's and early 1730's as he appeared in Essex County court proceedings December 16, 1727 in Conjunction with John Rutherford, Jr., his brother, and August 17, 1730 with Thomas Rutherford, also his brother.
County court record in Essex, Goochland, Cumberland, Augusta and Rockingham Counties, Virginia, attest to the fact that Joseph Rutherford bought and sold land and was active in those areas of Virginia for many years. Joseph Rutherford was a witness to a conveyance of land in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, for John Miller of Caroline County, Virginia, February 1, 1729. August 11, 1764, Joseph witnessed for John Miller in Augusta County. Joseph Rutherford entered 260 acres of land on Willis River in Albemarle County, Virginia, and later conveyed one-half the original patent to John Rutherford, his brother, November 25, 1751. The suit of Joseph Rutherford's son Elliot, to clear the title of the other one-half of the patent, is recorded in the District Court of Prince Edward County, Virginia. Mary Rutherford, his sister, widow of Colonel James Wood, conveyed a tract of 400 acres of land on Cub Creek in Augusta County, Virginia, to Joseph Rutherford, December 31, 1760. May 16, 1768, Joseph Rutherford divided this tract of land equally among three of his sons, Joseph, Jr., Reuben and Thomas. Joseph Rutherford entered an importation right on Hill Meadow Spring, and obtained the land from Elinor Mountyjoy, July 16, 1753.


Reuben RUTHERFORD was born in 1705 in Essex Co., VA. He died in 1764 at the age of 59 in Frederick Co., VA.382


James RUTHERFORD died in 1763 in Augusta Co., VA.382 Augusta now Rockbridge Co., Va. James was killed in a Indian raid and buried with fifteen to sixteen others who fell in the same attack. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlements in Virginia, 1912, P. 269.


William RUTHERFORD was born (date unknown).


Robert RUTHERFORD was born (date unknown).


Mary RUTHERFORD died in 1798 in Orange Co., VA.382


Benjamin RUTHERFORD was born in 1718 in Essex Co., VA. He signed a will on 14 February 1803 in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA.432 "As my daughter, Elizabeth Glass, wife of Samuel Glass, has always conducted herself towards me as a dutiful and affectionate child I do in consequence therefore under these impressions hereby devise and bequeath unto her, the said Elizabeth Glass, all my estate both real and personal." (Frederick Co. Wills, Book 8, p. 88, Courthouse, Winchester, VA)
He died in 1803 at the age of 85 in Frederick Co., VA. Will dated 14 Feb 1803, proved 6 May 1805 in Frederick Co. Frederick Co. Wills, Book 8, p.88, Courthouse, Winchester, VA.